Property Management

A complete property management service

We provide a complete property management service to our clients. We take care of a full time rental of their properties in order to create an extra annual income for them.

  • Take care of keeping our clients’ properties in an excellent condition
  • We choose the best insurance deals to keep the property safe
  • We make sure the property is in a clean and tidy condition
  • We keep track of all the utilities bills that have to be paid in regular time periods
  • We look after the property and undertake all the care and the repairs that are needed depending on the property’s usage
  • We monitor the arrival and departure dates of the tenants
  • Signing the short lease or rent contracts with tenants on behalf of the owners

Interested to manage your property?

Do not hesitate to contact us with regards to any property you may be interested in. Let us help you with our expertise!

Through an extensive network of experienced professionals, we offer this service to all the markets that are included in our properties’ portfolio. We provide the choice between short term lease and rental for greater periods of time. We deliver a great level of service to our clients and make sure that from the initial purchase to a potential resale we maximize the performance of their wealth.