About Us

An international real estate service provider

Roubis Global is an international real estate service provider that offers worldwide property opportunities to clients that range from first time buyers to experienced investors.

The senior management of the company has a combined experience of more than 15 years in real estate, construction and development of all kinds of residential and commercial properties. We, at Roubis Global, are dedicated to offer professional and personalized services to our clients, in order to assist them to make the right decision, purchasing the appropriate property that suits their needs. By conducting a thorough diligent control we carefully select the properties that we bring out to the market.

The control involves both legal research as well as a valuation check, so that we assure the quality of our portfolio. This way we help our potential clients in making their choice easier and at the same time we preserve our reputation so that we grow our clientele. We work close with all our clients and make sure they understand every aspect of the purchase process. That means that we provide them with all the required information of each property so that they choose the opportunity that is right for them.

The Management

Theodoros Ioannidis
Sales and Marketing Director - Partner

Theodoros has 25 years of experience in financial services by starting up a stock brokerage office, which was later evolved to an investment consultancy company. The last 16 years has been actively involved in construction and more particularly developing housing complexes on a Greek island, which were mainly sold to buyers from different countries ranging from Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia to England, Germany and Belgium. The last 5 years has been actively involved in real estate brokerage and consultancy. Over the years, in all the business he has been involved, his main field and expertise was sales and management. His main responsibility in the company is administration of the sales and marketing department. He focuses in promoting the company’s portfolio of properties to potential clients.

Andreas Stavrou
Business Development Director – Partner

Andreas has 18 years of experience in Financial Management as an accounting professional (FCCA) with 7 years professional experience with PWC Cyprus. The last 11 years was an executive director at Brack Capital Real Estate, a dynamic Real Estate International Group. Mr Stavrou currently holds a position of non – executive director for two Financial Services Companies which are registered and governed under the rules of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. He had also admitted from Central Bank of Cyprus as an Independent Non-executive Chairman of Executive Board of Regional Cooperative Banking Society of Limassol after the involvement of Troika re the restructuring of banking institutions. His main responsibility in the company is to promote the company’s portfolio of properties to his international business network and raise high yield investment opportunities to potential clients.

Why Us


Roubis Global is based in Cyprus, a member of the European Union since 2004 and a member of the Eurozone since January 2008. Cyprus acts as an international financial center with excellent legal, accounting and banking services. It also has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU. This facilitates us to create the right scheme in order to offer our global clients a one-stop solution to their real estate needs.


We simplify the purchase procedure in every step of the process on behalf of our clients by offering all the legal and financial advice needed to complete the deal in a smooth and safe way. We cooperate with top legal offices and accounting companies, well known in the country for their integrity, so that we assure the completion of the transaction is completely secure.


We offer our clients the much needed “after sales service”. That includes all the necessary obligations that arise with the purchase of the property. Through an expanded network of associates we take care of the preparation of the annual financial statements of the company in case the property was purchased under a company’s name or the annual tax returns of the individual that has purchased the property.


We raise the bar compared to other real estate companies by offering a greater level of service to our clients. We give them the opportunity of generating an additional annual income by renting their property either through short lease or renting out for greater periods. We provide active property management that includes all the necessary procedures like finding the tenants, taking care of the rental procedure as well as looking after the property itself.

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